Joe Biden made fun of us

Biden’s supporters are shocked. He dropped a huge shocker. Guess what… Millions of people supported Biden’s mask mandate. They are unable to live without their masks. It’s like an everyday accessory. Yes, these people hide before their “comfort muzzle.” As if we enjoy watching their faces.

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What happened next? Dementia Joe spoiled everything. He encourages people to stop wearing masks. Biden abandoned his Democrat friends. He doesn’t want people to hide behind their masks. Oh, now they will have to wash their face and shave their beard. Democrat ladies will have to put on some make up and even comb their hair. Biden wants the “homeless look” out. How will Dems accept this?

“It’s all about Jimmy Carter, stupid.”

Let’s go all the way to the 1970s. “Welcome Back, Kotter” aired on ABC TV from 1975 to 1979. Jimmy Carter was the President back then. Infamous Carter.

Well, 2021 is the new 1976.

We are having our very own “Welcome Back, Carter” with a splash of dementia. Biden is the star. He plays the hopeless, pathetic Carter.

Biden is just like Carter. We can’t even ignore the similarity.

Both lure people into thinking they are decent human beings. They are portrayed as “moderate Democrats.” However, they both are mumbling idiots who want to destroy America with their radical socialist/Marxist/communist agenda. They embarrassed the White House and gave us depression. They stand for “America last.”

There’s one difference though. Biden is a puppet. He is not the real president. He is a patient diagnosed with dementia who works for people like George Soros, Valerie Jarett, the Chinese Communist Party, the Mexican Drug Cartels…

They turned the US into a disaster. How many times did Biden and his team disappoint you?

Thousands of illegal aliens enter this country each they. Criminals bring debt and disaster to our people. They bring diseases and despair.

What about the inflation? We can see the wave of inflation coming our way just because an old man plays games with us. A few days ago, the producer price index soared dramatically. Biden turned our country into a dumpster.

The price of gas is really high and people waiting in lines for hours.

Biden plans to increase income taxes, corporate taxes, capital gains taxes, estate taxes… Just name it!

We are in the middle of a pandemic and people have lost their job. Blue states are empty and people live in the streets.

Are you ready for the Biden Great Depression? This crazy man is raising taxes just to add fuel to the fire. Israel is under attack by Hamas and Chinese bombers invaded Taiwan. Russia threatens Ukraine. Iranians harass US Navy destroyers.

What did Biden do? He made everything worse.

Vaccinated people are not told to ditch their masks. Is Biden out of his mind? He changes his mind every day.

HIPPA rules suggest that no one can ask you for private medical info. They can’t ask you if you have been vaccinated. Yes, masks are history!

Well, a few days ago Biden and Fauci said vaccinated Americans have to wear their masks.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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