A recent video that surfaced from Canada shows Prime Minister Justin Trudeau talking to a group of citizens at a public forum.

One unhappy lady confronted Trudeau when she had her turn to speak on the microphone. She blasted Trudeau with accusations of selling Canada out to globalism. The lady tells the prime minister that he’s working for his globalist partners and not the people of Canada.

She asked Trudeau, “What do we do with traitors in Canada?”

Watch her answer in this clip from the HealthImpactNews Bitchute channel:

Health Impact News provided the transcript of her comments to Justin Trudeau:

You sold us out to globalism. You are not working for Canada. You are working for your globalist partners.

I wonder how much they are paying you to betray Canada?

What do we do with traitors in Canada Mr. Trudeau?

We used to hang them. Hang them for treason.

And you’re doing that very same thing to us now. We know what you’re doing.

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This is what we need from more citizens around the world. We must speak out against the wannabe dictators that want to enslave humanity with this globalist agenda. They’ve caused ungodly amounts of destruction over the past two years, and it’s imperative we stand up to them any chance we get.

Source: WeLoveTrump

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