Two of the four co-hosts of “The View” found out mid-show on Friday that they tested positive for coronavirus and were taken off set before a scheduled interview with Vice President Kamala Harris.

Ana Navarro and Sunny Hostin were on the program to start the show with fellow hosts Joy Behar and Sara Haines, but as the show returned from its first commercial break, they were asked to leave by a producer. A bewildered Behar admitted she didn’t realize what was going on, and she was stopped from introducing Harris mid-sentence as her co-hosts left the stage.

After another commercial break, Behar explained Hostin and Navarro had received positive COVID tests and would not return. That delayed the Harris interview, which was supposed to take up the majority of the program. The interview didn’t start until there were only 10 minutes remaining in the hour.

In one of the more awkward moments in recent live television history, Behar and Haines asked the audience to participate and ask them questions, as the show worked to set up a video feed for Harris to do the interview backstage instead of coming in front of the audience. That went on for several blocks as the hosts worked to kill time.

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Social media erupted at the bizarre moment that overshadowed the hyped appearance of Harris, which was supposed to be her first in-studio interview since taking office.

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