Critics are up in arms about President Trump’s newly awarded black belt.

They clamor: ‘How could he receive an honorary belt when he has never partook in the martial art before?’

First of all, it’s honorary—that’s what honorary implies and entails. Second of all, he was probably awarded the belt for his mental cunning and political acuity.

A political acuity that is on the same order as Sun Tzu’s wisdom from The Art of War.

Take a look:

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The New York Post had the facts:

Former President Donald Trump was presented with an honorary ninth dan black belt in taekwondo over the weekend by the head of one of the sport’s governing bodies at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Fla.

Trump was presented with the honor by Lee Dong Seop, the president of Kukkiwon, the world taekwondo headquarters located in South Korea.

The Hill quotes President Trump:

“It is my honor to receive the honorary dan certificate and I think Taekwondo is a magnificent martial art for self-defense. I wish to see Kukkiwon taekwondo team’s demonstration,” said Trump according to Kukkiwon’s Facebook page.

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