Anyone who is a fan of former President Donald Trump knows he is almost always proven right when he says something.

He was right about Obama spying on him. He was right about there being no ‘Russian bounties’ on American troops in Afghanistan. He was right about Joe Biden’s ‘quid-pro-quo’ threat to Ukraine when he was vice president. And Trump is very likely going to be proven right about the 2020 election ‘shenanigans,’ when all is said and done.

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You know what else Trump was right about? His claim that he did not have protesters ‘gassed’ at Lafayette Square in Washington, D.C., for a photo op of him holding up a Bible in front of St. John’s Church.

CNBC reports:

The Interior Department’s watchdog claimed in a new report Wednesday that police violently cleared protesters from a park outside the White House last June to allow a contractor to install security fencing, not to enable then-President Donald Trump to stage a widely criticized photo op while wielding a Bible.

“We did not find evidence that a potential presidential visit to the park or the St John’s Church influenced the park police’s decision making, or their deployment, you know, in their operation to clear out the park. So that’s the big, the big finding of our report is, is the is the clear evidence of why they decided to do so and when they made the decision, and on the flip side, the lack of evidence related to the President’s potential visit influencing that decision,” Interior Department Inspector General Mark Greenblatt told ABC News.

The church had been lit on fire by ‘demonstrators’ the night before. And oh, by the way, hundreds of protesters encroached on the White House, forcing the Secret Service to briefly usher Trump to an emergency bunker because agents weren’t sure the place wasn’t going to be stormed.

But do you know who doesn’t believe this official account? That would be the two of MSNBC’s conga line of morons, ‘Ma’ and ‘Pa’ Morning Joe.

The Daily Caller notes:

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski mocked the IG report debunking claims former President Donald Trump cleared Lafayette Square for a photo-op, saying that it didn’t actually debunk anything.

The report indicated that the park was actually cleared of protesters so that new anti-scale fencing could be installed amid violent protests — and that park police had been given the green light to clear the area long before anyone knew that Trump planned to walk through the area.

[Then fence was put up to keep the crush of protesters further from the White House, so let’s just draw that line now.]

The two Morning Joe geniuses begged to differ, however.

“Joe, I don’t even know what to say. I don’t think a contractor putting up a fence has this much power,” Brzezinski began.

Hubby responded, mockingly.

“First of all, I’ve got to say, I think I’ve been unduly tough on William Barr. Because I did not know all of this time, that not only was he operating as Attorney General of the United States of America, but he was also the director of scaffolding for Lafayette Park,” Scarborough said. “Imagine that, having that as your second job. You know, the headlines from some of our friends and the panting and heavy breathing after this IG report came out is laughable.”

No, what’s laughable are two partisan hacks pretending to be journalists who don’t have the self-awareness to realize they are co-hosts of a clown show.

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