Texas Rep. Ronny Jackson (R) published a video to Twitter on Monday excoriating the Biden administration and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

Jackson said he has constituents “trapped in Afghanistan” who are receiving no help from the Biden State Department, despite numerous dangerous stops at the Kabul airport. He also slammed Pelosi for her inaction in seeking answers to the disastrous withdrawal.

“I’m here at the Capitol because there’s a crisis going on,” Jackson captioned the video. “WHERE is Nancy Pelosi? Americans are still TRAPPED in Afghanistan, including #TX13 constituents. The State Department isn’t helping them get out and the Taliban has threatened them. SERIOUS work needs to get done! Now!”

Standing outside the U.S. Capitol, Jackson started the video by noting that “every member of Congress” needs to be at the Capitol during this “time of crisis.”

“I ask Nancy Pelosi, please reconvene Congress, get us back here. We need information about what’s going on in Afghanistan. … Congress needs to be involved in what’s happening. We already have 13 U.S. service members killed, there are others that are in harm’s way, right now.”

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“I have American citizens, U.S. Citizens from my district, who are stuck in Kabul, right now,” Jackson continued. “They have tried numerous times to make it through the checkpoints and get to the gate. They’ve been at the airport, and the United States State Department has done absolutely nothing, nothing, to help them.”

The Republican representative said his constituents tried one more time this morning to be evacuated. When they went to the airport, he said, the mother had a gun placed to her head by the Taliban and her 15-year-old son was beaten before they were turned away and told to never come back at threat of death. The Taliban did not care that they were Americans.

“We have to put this to a stop. We have to do something about this crisis and we have to do it, now,” Jackson closed the video, imploring Pelosi once again to reconvene Congress.


Source: ResisttheMainStream

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