CNN’s Jim Acosta had a few questions for Rep. Madison Cawthorn on January 6 and 45th President Donald Trump, and the entire exchange didn’t quite go as well as he hoped it would.

“What are your thoughts on associating yourself with the former president after he gave that speech on January 6th and provoked an insurrection at the capitol? Why associate yourself with him?” Acosta asked Cawthorn.

“Well, I think, Jim, you and I both know that I disagree with that assertion; the premise is that he invoked an insurrection,” the freshman congressman replied.

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“I think he spoke at a rally. What happened on January 6th is despicable, and people should be prosecuted that broke the law. I don’t think there was any provocation from anybody that spoke that day,” Cawthorn added.

“But he had been telling the big lie for weeks and continues to lie about the election,” Acosta asked. “Why not find another standard-bearer for the party? Maybe you could be a standard-bearer for the party.”

“I do look forward to being the future of the Republican party, but I think Donald Trump is leading the way on that. You and I know that we have a complete disagreement. I do believe the election was stolen …”

Acosta then cut off Cawthorn and spoke over him: “You still believe the election was stolen?” to which Cawthorn repeated, “I still believe the election was stolen.”

“Where is the proof of that? It was all rejected by the courts,” Acosta demanded to know.

“I believe the judicial system failed us,” Cawthorn replied in a calm manner.


This exchange comes shortly after Acosta was booed during Trump’s visit to Texas.

When Trump was walking on stage, Acosta shouted a question at Trump, asking if he will “apologize” for the incident at the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

The crowd did not appreciate that.


Source: ResisttheMainstream

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