President Biden was giving a press briefing on wildfires on Friday, when he made an impossible claim that has to be seen to be believed. Watch:

“You know, I come from the state of Delaware,” Biden said. “We had more acreage burn last year than the state of Delaware and Maryland combined. Combined.”

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Of course, this is literally impossible. Delaware couldn’t have more acreage burnt than the combined acreage burnt in Delaware and Maryland combined. He didn’t just say it, he emphasized it.

As a reminder, this is the President of the United States we are talking about. Americans are turning to him for information and leadership on the wildfires that are wreaking havoc in California and other states.

Also ridiculous, Biden blamed the wildfires on “climate change,” rather than the lack of sound forestry practices like clearing old growth forests, which states like California have been restricting for years.

“Fire season, traditionally, lasts through October,” Biden said. “But with climate change — climate change driving the dangerous confluence of extreme heat and prolonged drought — we’re seeing wildfires in greater intensity that move with more speed, la- — you know, and lasts well beyond traditional months — the traditional months of the fire season. And that’s a problem for all of us.”

“Wildfizers [sic] are — wildfires are not a partisan phenomenon,” he went on. “They don’t stop at a county or a state line — or country line, for that matter. We need a coordinated, comprehensive response with all the federal working — all the federal government working in close cooperation to support you, the states. That’s what this is about.”

This is from the official White House statement. They aren’t even hiding that Biden’s statements have become a wreck.

But in a new development, even his physical appearance himself is becoming a wreck. The president was spotted with something gross on his chin, and a staffer had to come in and hand him a note telling him about it.

The picture fueled wild speculation about what it could be.

Here is the staffer handing Biden a note about the gross object on his chin. Watch his reaction:

Biden immediately began wiping his chin after he received the note. A Reuters image seems to show the note:

It’s only getting worse for the Biden presidency. And the American people are going to pay the price for the president’s declining ability to show leadership, or even to make comprehensible statements that reduce confusion amidst the public.

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