Both Democrats and Republicans complain about the current state of the USA. One of the important things to worry about is the COVID crisis. Because of the competence and strength of Trump’s administration, this country succeeded to be the leader in the world when it comes to handling the COVID crisis.

Even one of his closest assosiates confirmed it on live TV. Biden’s COVID adviser Andy Slavitt openly gave credit to the work done by President Trump’s administration. Watch the video below:

“But I want to ask one question about tonight. ‘The New York Times’ headline, this really grabbed me yesterday, by Sharon LaFraniere, she said, ‘Biden got the vaccine rollout humming with Trump’s help. Both administrations deserve credit, although neither wants to grant much to the other.’ In tonight’s speech, do you anticipate the President to look back and maybe recognize that help from the Trump Administration?” she asked.

“Well, look, I think he will spend tonight’s speech doing two things,” Slavitt replied. “One is kind of commemorating the last year and the very trying year that Americans have had on all fronts, whether it’s the direct impact of the virus or whether it is the impact on their small business or their families. And then he will try to look forward and talk about the commitments that he has made and that we have to make to getting the country vaccinated, getting people back up and standing.”

“You know, I think our view is there really are no bad guys here if we are going to succeed together or we’re going to fail together,” Slavitt said. “And I think we’re grateful for the work that came before us and are doing the best we can to continue it and accelerate it.”

“So you are grateful for the work that came prior to it?” Bill Hemmer asked.

“No question,” Slavitt responded.

“So you would tip your hat to Operation Warp Speed?” Hemmer continued.

“I would absolutely tip my hat,” the Biden adviser replied. “This is a scientific process that actually began more than a decade ago with scientists inside the NIH and inside BARDA creating this mRNA vaccine. I think the Trump Administration made sure that we got, in record time, vaccine up and out. That’s a great thing and it’s something that we should all be excited about.”

Is it so hard to admit that Trump’ was more capable than the new administration? In fact, that is good for a healthy democracy. However, voter fraud and corruption aren’t. We can only hope that the COVID crisis will end soon and all states will end the COVID-restriction mandates.

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