Sane parents don’t want their children in masks 8 hours a day, or in perpetual online public schooling.

I would argue that no sane parent should want their child in any form of public education, but that is not the subject of this story.

Despite numerous reports of the alleged negative effects of Covid-19 policies on children nationwide, statists, liberals, and Democrats continue to push for legal enforcement of these draconian regulations.

Governor Glenn Youngkin promised to ease these restrictions, and he has delivered, yet a tiny minority of parents are attempting to bring legal action against him for his lifting of mask mandates in schools.

Now we are seeing Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares asking the state Supreme Court to dismiss the lawsuit against Glenn Youngkin citing parental choice for all as the basis for the policy stance:

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ABC 7 provided some context:

More than a dozen parents of children enrolled in Chesapeake City Public Schools are taking Virginia’s new governor to court over one of his executive orders.

Thirteen Virginians filed a lawsuit Tuesday against Governor Glenn Youngkin, asking the Virginia Supreme Court to suspend his Executive Order Number Two, which rescinds the requirement of masks in schools and gives parents the option of whether their child wears a face covering while in school.

Washington Examiner highlights Governor Youngkin’s recent order:

Youngkin signed the order Saturday, his first day in office, leaving it up to each child’s parents whether they are subject to wear a mask, which is meant to hinder the spread of COVID-19.

“Recent government orders requiring virtually every child in Virginia wear masks virtually every moment they are in school have proven ineffective and impractical,” the order reads.

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