I imagine Joe’s handlers were watching this disaster thinking, “We better get our resumes updated…”

Many Americans sat in horror as they watched Joe Biden’s ‘victory speech’ after the ghastly Afghanistan debacle, where we lost 13 US service members, and countless foreigners at the airport, and left Americans and working dogs behind.

First off, why on earth was he taking a “victory lap” to begin with? Especially after our fallen soldiers haven’t even been laid to rest yet.

Not to mention that the entire withdrawal was a complete and utter disaster.

So, all of that was bad enough – but it was the WAY that he delivered the ‘victory speech’ that has some people literally, flabbergasted.

Biden’s “game plan” for this speech was to angrily YELL at Americans.

Now, I am not sure if one of his Handler’s told him to “look tough,” or something and this was his stab at that, but, besides all the batsh*t crazy stuff he said, the WAY he said it all came off deranged and offensive.

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Also, it’s fair to note, the yelling is more like a slurring/yelling combination.

He sounded doped up.

You can watch the videos below:

He starts yelling around the 40-second mark:

Here’s what people are saying about the yelling speech:

“Biden is yelling and sounds unhinged. Sounds like his handlers juiced him up real good today.”

“Now yelling Joe Biden is blaming President Trump (he won’t use his name). Most of this speech is either a lie or transparent spin. He also says Aug 31 wasn’t arbitrary while also saying he had to pull troops out by May 1. But they weren’t removed then… so Aug 31 was arbitrary.”

“Joe Biden’s yelling at us like an abusive parent who blames the abuse on the child.”

“Joe Biden is just yelling now for some reason. He thinks he comes off as tough when he does this. He doesn’t. It makes it more clear he has no clue what he’s doing. He’s also hoping none of you have access to… any news source to know he’s being disingenuous.”

“Biden yelling at me like this is my fault”

“Takeaways from Biden’s speech: Lots of yelling Lots of inconsistencies Lots of blame on other people He honestly just dug his hole even deeper.”

“Biden is now yelling at the TV WTH is going on”

“If Joe Biden believes the things he is yelling, he is a bigger danger than anyone knew.”

“Why is Biden yelling at the American public? We just buried 13 of our own who died as a direct result of his incompetence.”

“I really need to read transcripts of this clown. Screamy Biden is as bad as whispering Biden. He has zero emotional modulation anymore. He is either yelling straight through or so quiet you can barely hear him. Sad he is this impaired, but also unconscionable.”

“Joe Biden confuses volume with passion, yelling to pretend to give a damn. It doesn’t matter how loudly you shout a lie, it’s still a lie.”

“Joe Biden is yelling, lecturing and carrying on. Gross.”

“Biden thinks yelling is strength.”

“This newly minted yelling/slurring thing from #biden – is it persuading anybody…of anything?”

“Biden basically *yelling at* and blaming all the Americans he left behind. Unreal.”

“Biden yelling is like when your grandpa thinks people can’t hear him on the phone”

“Why is Biden yelling? Its Like lunch time at the nursing home.”

The negative comments go on and on and on. If I posted even a fraction of them, we’d be here all day reading them.

Clearly, Biden’s attempt to ‘look tough’ backfired in his face.

This was not the way to behave after such a disastrous foreign policy failure, where so many people died.

This man is a national embarrassment and he needs to resign.

Source: WayneDupree

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