The “F Biden” signs and chants are getting to ol’ Joe…

There’s only so long that you can prop up a phony.

Even if you have the entire help of the media, Hollywood, and social media…if what you’re saying isn’t real, the veil will drop and the truth will come out.

And only 8 months into the disastrous so-called “Biden presidency,” we’re watching the veil be literally ripped off and flung aside in real-time.

The media, Dems, Hollywood, and social media banded together to “create” the Joe Show – they hid Biden in the basement and used the power of PR to create a persona that was so far from reality, that when America started getting a peek at the “real Joe” they were literally repulsed and horrified.

The man clearly has dementia or some sort of major cognitive issue.

And now, people are lashing out.

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You can only suppress news, lie and cheat, and push propaganda for so long, eventually, the American people will speak up.

And right now, the way they’re “speaking out” is by telling the world “F Joe Biden.”

That’s right, the “F Joe Biden” flags are flying, signs are being waved, banners unfurled, and chants of “F Joe Biden” are becoming a national pastime, and it’s really starting to get to ol’ Bumbling Joe.

So much so, that Joe Biden believes that the victims of 911 – if they were alive today – would be bothered by all the “F” flags and banners on the side of the road..really, Joe?

You can watch the video below:

I am glad that Joe Biden sees the signs and the flags…I hope he hears the chants too.

A fraud “leader” who thinks he’s the “mad king” should know exactly what the “peasants” think of him, every day, 24/7.

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