In the past month, deaths and hospitalizations due to COVID-19 complications have tripled in the U.S.; Especially among the vaccinated population.

Regarding the data report from May by the CDC, between January 1 and April 30, there were 10,262 coronavirus vaccines ‘’breakthrough infections’’ from 46 states and territories.

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Ten percent (995) of the patients infected after vaccination before April ended up in hospital. The agency shared that there were 160 reports from fully vaccinated patients who died due to coronavirus.

CDC shared that 3,016 vaccinated patients had ‘’breakthrough infection’’ and were hospitalized and died during May. In addition, COVID deaths of fully vaccinated patients reached 535 until June 1, compared to 160 deaths reported only one month earlier.

CDC shared that they will count only infections in vaccinated patients who ended up in a hospital or died from May. More than 90% of them aren’t hospitalized and won’t die.

This move shows a huge gap in data collection of the vaccine efficacy, so that the following reports won’t be accurate.

Twenty-seven percent of the cases are asymptomatic, a large portion of vaccinated infected persons may spread the disease.

Furthermore, people who received only one dose of the vaccine and got infected won’t be counted.

Many vaccinated people who died raise the question: if the deaths are caused by complications of the COVID-19 virus or something else caused by the vaccine, which is still being tested.

The side effects of the vaccine that may end up fatally are called ADE. In other earlier experimental vaccines, these reactions were noticed, like 130 children who died in the Philippines in 2017 after the experimental dengue jab.

This kind of data isn’t published by the mainstream media, which promotes the massive vaccination of the population.

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