It’s simply awesome how Steve and Paul introduce their new channel, Elijah Clips, on Elijah Streams!

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Steve, you finished your job extraordinary by bringing Paul on board. But Paul also did an amazing job out of Steve. Honestly, Steve is somehow different compared to the videos he posted.

Nevertheless, these two make a great combination of talents. The result of this excellent combination is short videos that everyone loves!

It means that from now on, you will watch a ten-minute video from prophetic voices on ElijahStreams, where the best parts are highlighted. They did it this way because no everyone has an hour and a half to watch and listen to a prophetic video clip.

Ladies and gentlemen,
We present you two prophetic voices that share the same thing in two ways!


In the video, you will hear the comment that will remain in my head for a long time. In a vision that God gave him, Trump’s speech begun with thanking God for making the retaking Presidency happen.

We can’t wait for Trump to retake the deserved position!

Everything is according to the Bible!

Take a look at the video below.

And now, you can read the top comments.

However, there’s another second video. Precisely here, you will hear the message that grasped my attention.

Now, it’s time to read the best comments.

Source: TheTrueDefender

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