Donald Trump is understandably growing tired of the with hunt from New York prosecutors.

New York prosecutors are probing a particular deal examining whether Trump’s business inflated certain land value in order to gain a massive $21.1 million charitable tax write-off.

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The New York attorney general and Manhattan district attorney issued subpoenas to the towns of Bedford, New Castle, and North Castle to hand over dozens of documents related to the deal, according to records obtained by the Daily Beast.

The Daily Beast reported:

Investigators asked for a trove of documents related to Donald Trump’s failed attempts to develop a luxury golf course on a 212-acre, forested estate that spans across those three towns and includes several mansions.

The requested documents and subsequent court filings show that investigators are examining whether the Trump Organization inflated the value of the property for a charitable tax write-off.

The Daily Beast has learned the state Attorney General’s Office issued a round of subpoenas in November 2019. Investigators demanded copies of “zoning, property planning, or other building and construction permissions” sought by Trump’s firm for the property, Seven Springs LLC. At question is the dense forest that surrounds a towering, 60-room, century-old, sandstone chateau that includes three pools, carriage houses, and is imposing enough to justify its own forecourt and fountain.

The Daily Beast noted that Trump allies and former officials say he has nothing to worry about.

In the past few days, lawyers and other advisers close to Trump have personally reassured Trump they do not believe New York prosecutors will ever actually indict him, according to two people familiar with the situation.

“I told him that he has nothing to worry about,” one of these advisers said.

The ex-president has recently complained repeatedly about how he feels the investigators could drag this out for years, and that the hefty legal bills are becoming “such a pain in the ass,” one of these sources recounted.

“From his point of view, there is absolutely, positively nothing inappropriate here,” said Martabano’s attorney, George J. Calcagnini.

One town clerk, who turned over documents to investigators, lambasted the investigation as a waste of time and said the town shouldn’t have kept the documents long enough to turn over to investigators.

“They’re not going to find what they’re looking for,” she said.

The witch hunts never end.

The New York Attorney General’s office will be joining the Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr’s years-long criminal investigation of the Trump Organization.

Earlier this month, it was reported that New York prosecutors convened a grand jury to decide if they will indict Donald Trump on possible criminal charges.

The Trump Organization previously called the civil inquiry “politically motivated,” as James is a Democrat.

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