A Division I athlete from Tennessee State University has been hospitalized with myocarditis after being forced to take his second jab of the Covid-19 vaccine.

The news broke out after the athlete posted a video of himself in a hospital bed warning people the dangerous side effects of the Covid-19 vaccine.

John Stokes who’s a golfer at TSU and is also a Academic Medal of Honor student there too, described in his TikTok video that he was told he will no longer be able to play his senior year of sports after he diagnosed with myocarditis.

Stokes concluded the video by warning the NCAA to not force student athletes to get the vaccine and said he talked to numerous of other athletes who had heart complications after being vaccinated too.

John Stokes, a Division I Athlete and Academic Medal of Honor student at Tennessee State University, is hospitalized with myocarditis after second jab. John says NCAA should not mandate student athletes get vaccinated due to the high risk of heart issues.https://t.co/dho4lfhr83 pic.twitter.com/ficRk0xh2u

— Kelly Bee 🐝 (@ke11ybender) September 12, 2021

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Here’s a look at Stokes’s profile on Tennessee State University’s website:

Of course the mainstream media will slide this story under the rug but at least Todd Starnes reported the story check out what he shared:

John Stokes is a Division One golfer at Tennessee State University, but now his athletic career and his life are in jeopardy all because of the China Virus vaccine.

A few days ago, John received a second dose of the vaccine — and four days later he was in the hospital — with a severe heart issue. Myocarditis.

A 21-year-old collegiate athlete – perfectly healthy — until he got the vaccine.

Doctors told John that his college athletic career may be over.

Like many other college athletes, John was required by the NCAA to get vaccinated.

But students were apparently not told about the severe side effects of the vaccine — especially for young people.

And that’s why John decided to post a video from his hospital bed — sharing his story — one that the Mainstream Media does not want you to hear.

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