The Democrats are famous for making inadequate and unproven allegations

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That’s the very basis of their campaign against President Trump.

And now, even after they’ve “won” they’re still trying to totally bury him in any means possible.

In the newest released photograph of President Trump, where you can see him sitting on his desk in his new office, with his hands crossed and smiling, there can be spotted only “all-American” themes and gadgets.

A bottle of Coke, Mt. Rushmore, American badges from all sorts of recognitions and institutions…

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“Also on the ex-president’s desk sits a chunk of the metal used to build his US-Mexico border wall. The memento was turned into a trophy and presented to Trump during an April 2019 visit to Calexico, Calif,” The NY Post reported.

And though President Trump rarely wears glasses in public, you can see that he’s wearing them, since they’ve opened up above a newspaper right before him on the desk.

And look at this crazy Leftiest comment!

They obviously miss seeing President Trump on the air and on social media, so they’re literally mentioning him in every suitable situation!

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