During an interview at the 22nd annual New Yorker Festival, left-wing comedian Jon Stewart said that President Trump has a “very good chance” of getting re-elected President if he decides to run in 2024.

I think he’s got it — he’s got a very good chance. And they’re smarter about it,” Stewart said.

“The danger of the coup — again, Jan. 6 is the TV event moment of it. It’s the special that came out. And that’s what all the TV networks were focused on.”

He’s [Trump] brilliant at understanding what will drive the television narratives,” Stewart added. “But what I think they really learned from this exercise was there are really specific pivot points within the American electoral system, and those pivot points are generally the administration of elections run by partisans, but not ideologues.”

Here are more tidbits from the interview, via The Hill:

“I thought he disqualified himself at every turn [in 2016],” the former “Daily Show” host said of Trump, adding that the former president displayed an “antibiotic-resistant strain of populism.”

He came at the right moment for that audience with the right message, and unapologetic. And in a lot of ways, I think every time you thought that something was disqualifying or something would defeat him, but for those of us who have been in New York, we probably saw like, if nothing else, the dude’s resilient,” Stewart, 58, said.

Although President Trump hasn’t officially announced, he is making it more and more clear that he IS in fact running again.

On Saturday, he was in full-blown campaign mode in the great state of Iowa (where elections historically kick off).

Trump railed against Pelosi for further pushing our country to the point of bankruptcy.

“What they are going to do by passing this thing that’s going to kill our nation,” Trump said. “All Americans of common sense — Republican, Democrat, and independent — must stand firm and you must really stand strong and firm against Biden, crazy Nancy Pelosi. She’s a nut job. And the extreme power grab.”

“We must declare with one united voice that we cannot allow America to ever become a socialist country. That’s what they’re doing. And I really think it’s a step beyond. I think it’s going to be a communist country,” Trump added.

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Jon Stewart’s new show “The Problem, With Jon Stewart” is now live on Apple TV+. He left the Daily Show right before the tumultuous 2016 election. However, it appears he will be in full swing for whatever comes our way in 2024.

Watch the trailer for his new show below:

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