Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) called out President Joe over the rising inflation tied to rising gas prices telling Joe to restore the Keystone XL pipeline to help get prices across the country to fall.

“I continue to call on President Biden to responsibly increase energy production here at home and to reverse course to allow the Keystone XL pipeline to be built which would have provided our country with up to 900,000 barrels of oil per day from Canada, one of our closest allies,” Manchin said.

“To be clear, this is about American energy independence and the fact that hard-working Americans should not depend on foreign actors, like OPEC+, for our energy security and instead focus on the real challenges facing our country’s future,” he added.

The cost they see every day. And every day they go to fill up is a dollar and a quarter more a gallon,” Manchin said earlier. 

“Three twenty-nine, $3.39.”

He continued:

“A gallon of milk is now $4 in many places. It’s taking a toll. 

And I hear it when I go to the grocery store or if I go to the gas station. 

“They say, Are you as mad as I am?’ and I say, Absolutely.”

Manchin said of Biden’s decision to release 50 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in an effort to lower gas prices:

“Today’s release from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve is an important policy Band-Aid for rising gas prices but does not solve for the self-inflicted wound that shortsighted energy policy is having on our nation. 

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“With an energy transition underway across the country, it is critical that Washington does not jeopardize America’s energy security in the near term and leave consumers vulnerable to rising prices. 

“Historic inflation taxes and the lack of a comprehensive all-of-the-above energy policy pose a clear and present threat to American’s economic and energy security that can no longer be ignored.”

Biden said at an international climate summit earlier this month”

“This is the decade that will determine the answer. This decade. The science is clear: We only have a brief window left before us to raise our ambitions and to meet the task that’s rapidly narrowing.”

Source: MAGAConservatives

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