Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) broke his silence on the “Let’s Go Brandon” chants that are sweeping the nation. Abbott sat for an interview before a Texas football game and was asked about that chant and the F**k Joe Biden chants heard at college stadiums across the country.

“It is happening because of the disastrous policies that are implemented by Joe Biden,” Abbott said.

He continued: “People are angry. People who come to these stadiums, who want to gather and celebrate a great American tradition like college football.

“And you have Joe Biden trying to shut things down and shut people out.

“And you got Fauci saying you got to stay home until Christmas or whenever.

 “It’s just ludicrous the policies that Joe Biden is advancing.”

Abbott said that was “only part of this rising anger across the entire United States.”

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He then went on to list some of the debacles Joe Biden is overseeing:

“Part is about the border.

“Part of it’s about inflation.

“Part of it’s about the other catastrophic policies they’re implementing,” he said.

Source: MAGAConservatives

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