Republicans appear to be “comfortably poised” to retake Congress during next year’s midterms following key election night losses on Tuesday in states like Virginia, Texas, and New York.

In the Old Dominion, GOP challenger Glenn Youngkin defeated Democratic nominee Terry McAuliffe in the governor’s race after the latter was an early favorite, in part because he is a former Virginia governor and because no Republican had won statewide office since 2009.

Meanwhile, Winsom Sears beat Democrat Hala Ayala to become Lt. governor and Republican Jason Miyares upset incumbent Democrat Mark Herring to take over as attorney general.

Notes the Daily Wire:

In New Jersey, GOP gubernatorial candidate Jack Ciattarelli is running neck-and-neck with Democratic Governor Phil Murphy. The close race is a surprise in itself even if Ciattarelli eventually loses as the final ballots are counted. With about 88% of the vote on Wednesday morning, Ciattarelli led Murphy by just over 1,000 votes.

“Needless to say, tonight’s results are consistent w/ a political environment in which Republicans would comfortably take back both the House and Senate in 2022,” Dave Wasserman, the Cook Political Report’s House editor, tweeted.

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Immediately after Tuesday’s elections, Republicans began mapping out their 2022 strategy to retake Congress. The House Republican Study Committee started to circulate a memo that details how the party can expound upon Tuesday’s victories and ride the momentum well into next year.

The memo says, in part:

There are four lessons learned from Glenn Youngkin’s victory in Virginia:

First, the concerns of parents need to be a tier 1 policy issue for Republicans: Youngkin’s success reveals that Republicans can and must become the party of parents. There is real energy from parents that we need to understand. The good news is RSC has been working for months to build out an agenda in education that will fight for and empower parents. This will include needed oversight of the Biden administration. …

Second, we need to end the mandates. In a Washington Post Op-ed Youngkin wrote, “Most important, we will never lock down our economy again.” And it’s not just business restrictions. Youngkin opposes vaccine mandates and mask mandates in public schools. We’ve been doing this at the federal level already: Claudia Tenney and I introduced a bill to prevent OSHA from instating its unconstitutional vaccine mandate.

Third, we must continue to back the blue. Youngkin pledged to increase funding for police departments and protect “Qualified Immunity for our Law Enforcement Heroes,” which House Democrats tried to end through their police reform bill. Crime, and particularly homicides, have spiked in Virginia and in every other state. In July, a USA Today poll found that crime, ahead of everything else, was the number one issue Americans were most concerned about.

Fourth, we must continue to focus on the failures of the Biden economy. Youngkin focused on providing relief to runaway inflation caused by the Biden economy and on not locking down the economy again. Our early focus on runaway inflation and the growing supply chain crisis is hitting home with voters. We need to keep hammering away and work on bringing solutions to the table to address their concerns. In 2020, Biden won Virginia by 10 points and the year before Democrats took over both chambers of Virginia’s statehouse.

In addition to Virginia and New Jersey, the latter gubernatorial race that has yet to be called, Republicans won big in New York for state and local offices.

“A red tide swept over Long Island, with the Republican candidates for district attorney in both Nassau and Suffolk counties winning their races in stunning landslides Tuesday — turning the campaigns into a referendum on New York’s controversial bail reform law,” the New York Post noted Wednesday morning.

And Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., noted in a statement other statewide races won by Republicans:

Republican Danielle Fogel defeated former Far-Left Congressman Anthony Brindisi in a landslide in the race for New York Supreme Court in the Fifth Judicial District.
Republican Scott Ostrander overwhelmingly FLIPPED the town of Milton.
Andrew Moses FLIPPED the St. Lawrence County Family Court Judge seat in a LANDSLIDE.
Elise Stefanik endorsed Republican Mark Wright won the town of Ticonderoga.
Republican Ronnie Roberts FLIPPED the town of Colton.
Republican Norman Davis FLIPPED the town of Beekmantown with 60% of the vote.
All of Elise Stefanik’s endorsed candidates won in Jefferson County.

“Congratulations to Republicans across New York and the North Country on their exciting and impressive victories tonight. Here in the North Country, Republicans won by record margins and flipped multiple Democrat-held seats,” she said.

“This was a clear referendum on the disastrous ten months of Joe Biden’s administration and a Republican resurgence fueled by outrage after years of corrupt, Albany politicians destroying our state,” the No. 3 House Republican added.

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