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The mainstream media and medical overlords continue to tell us this is a “Pandemic of the Unvaccinated.”

That’s among the most ridiculous lies they’ve told during COVID-19 hysteria.

Fortunately, some vaccine experts are pushing back against the lie.

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Ironically, according to French vaccine expert Professor Christian Perronne, it’s those vaccinated with the experimental jabs who are more prone to COVID-19 variants.

To learn more about Christian Perronne, check out his biography on eMedEvents:

Check out this statement from Perronne:

Wouldn’t that be the most ironic twist of fate during this whole mess?

Placing vaccinated people into quarantine since they’re a health threat to unvaccinated people.

That would be a wild turn of events, but I doubt the mainstream media, CDC, and Fraudci would admit they were wrong.

They’ll continue advocating the same tyrannical policies until enough people say no or everyone gives into the experimental jabs.

Watch the full interview with Christian Perronne safely on Rumble:

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