U.S. House Rep Jeff Van Drew (R-NJ) was a Dem Congressman but switched to the GOP after he couldn’t stomach the policies of the left. He sat for an interview with Newsmax and slammed President Joe Biden before saying Biden should get a cognitive test as a Christmas promise.

Drew said: “I mean, if he wants to tell it straight, he would speak about how our cities across the country have the highest crime rate that they’ve ever had.

“He could talk about the fact that we have the supply chains problems that still exist, and in many cases have gotten worse. He could talk about the fact how our border is broken open and literally we have people bleeding into the country who are sick, who are some of them diseased, some of them are criminals.

“So you know what I think he should do, just to be honest with you?

“I think this Christmas he should promise, make a Christmas promise to get a cognitive test on how he’s doing, and maybe make a Christmas promise that he’s gonna resign soon,” he said.

Van Drew said earlier on Fox Business:

“Let’s understand something. This is the worst president and the worst administration and the worst majority Congress in the history of the United States of America. 

“And I think some of them are looking back and as this unfolds and we take over the majority and investigate as Republicans and really expose some of the things that have been going on and some of the things that we’ve wanted to do, which are good things.

“We’ve got a lot of good bills that would really help. 

“But Pelosi will block them and then you try to do a discharge petition to get around Pelosi, but you need some Democratic votes to help you to get the number because you need a majority on that.

“You don’t get those Democrat votes.

“I think some of them are embarrassed and some of them don’t want to be in the minority. It’s a combination,” he said.

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