The FDA released a virtual livestream meeting a few hours ago.

During the stream, one member of the panel began discussed the dangers of the COVID vaccine.

Steve Kirsch, who is the Executive Director of the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund said that the vaccine is killing more people than it is saving.

he claimed that even if the vaccines were 100% protective, two people are killed for every one life saved.

You heard that correctly..

The vaccines are killing twice as many as they save!

Steve Kirsch: “Even if the vaccines had 100% protection, it still means we kill two people to save one life.”

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150,000 people have died due to the vaccines according to Kirsch.

That is 411 deaths per million doses.

Here is the entire 8 hour virtual meeting

The dangers of this experimental “vaccine” have been well hidden, but the truth is there somewhere. 

Look for it.

Don’t blindly believe me or anyone else.

Just don’t dismiss the information blindly either…

Source: WeLoveTrump

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