Some of the people Donald Trump nominated and appointed did not always work out as intended.

As it has been revealed, Trump’s appointee responsible for investigating Hunter Biden’s alleged wrongdoings postponed his warrants and subpoenas until after the 2020 election.

Conservative commentator Dinesh D’Souza suggested on his podcast that the postponement of the proceedings against Hunter had the effect of seemingly helping Joe Biden “get across the finish line” when the investigations would’ve put a damper on his chances at the polls

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“It’s only now coming out that the prosecutor who is looking into whether or not Hunter Biden has tax violations,” said D’Souza, referring to the money the younger Biden allegedly received from foreign entities.

“Did he pay taxes on it? And number two, did Hunter Biden violate any of our laws that deal with foreign entangle entanglements?” D’Souza asked.

“So all of this is under investigation,” D’Souza continued. “It’s being investigated by a Delaware U.S. Attorney named David Weiss and David Weiss was ready to issue – not just subpoenas – but search warrants on Hunter Biden to get all the information pertinent to his inquiry. But then he realized that it was right before the 2020 election.”

“So what did he do? He decided to be completely quiet about it until the election had passed,” D’Souza says. “Right away we see here, how a top official, a deep state guy who is charged with doing a job, which is pursuing the trail of investigation, is nevertheless calibrating this job to the political exigencies of the moment.”

D’Souza suggests that Weiss, the Trump-appointed U.S. attorney, had in effect tried to help Biden while trying to avoid helping Trump.

“So you might think that this guy is a big left-winger in Delaware,” D’Souza added. “And it turns out that he’s a Republican. He’s a kind of moderate Republican, but he was appointed to his job by none other than Donald Trump. Wow. Now he was appointed by Trump apparently on the recommendation of Delaware’s two Democratic senators.”

“Apparently they understood better whose side David Weiss was on,” he said. “And you see here the way in which Trump, I think was careless in the kind of people that he appointed, people who subsequently turned out to do him. I mean, no one is asking David Weiss to be a Trump man – Trump’s wingman. And the way that Eric Holder said that he was Obama’s wingman.”
D’Souza had words for Weiss, stating that no one is calling on Weiss to be a hardcore Trump supporter, but to instead do his job.

“We’re just asking David Weiss to do his job. And if it comes time to issue subpoenas, issue them. Let the public make up its mind about what the significance of all this is. You just do your job, but no one asked you to manipulate the schedule,” added D’Souza, suggesting that doing so provided a kind of “subsidy” to Joe Biden.

He suggested that doing so made it kind of a “direct donation, you might say, to the Biden camp. And that’s really what David Weiss was doing. So the plot here really thickens because we are rightfully outraged at the meeting. Suppressing the Hunter Biden story. We’re rightfully outraged at the digital platforms for censoring the New York Post and others who tried to report on the Hunter Biden story.”

D’Souza goes on to say that prosecutors’ actions are directly or indirectly protecting not merely Hunter, but his father Joe, who would be negatively impacted by any investigation on his son’s alleged wrongdoings.

“In this case, sadly, our side and Trump himself bears at least a little bit of the responsibility for allowing these atrocities to continue,” D’Souza said.

Source: ConservativeBrief

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