Yup! They just hit another brick in the wall trying to color Texas blue.

They ran in a HUGE wall! As the situation is at the moment, it seems that it will be a tie between two Republican members till the end. So, this is already a lost battle for the Democrats.

Since the early and sudden death of Representative Ron Wright, his widow, Susan Wright is among the 23 very possible candidates to take the seat.

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And the rule is -if no candidate clears 50 percent of the vote, a runoff election is required.

And as the things are going, the Democrats have already been completely shut out from the process.

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According to poll results and other statistics, President Trump has once again picked a winner! Since his candidate is Susan Wright, and she’s pulled almost 19%!


Oh, boy oh boy oh boy… Things look “spicy good”, bringing back President Trump and the word “winning” in one sentence!

Source: TheTrueDefender

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