We have to find a solution for Biden’s forgetfulness and what we will do about that.

Biden has been showing signs of dementia since the 2020 presidential campaign.
Maybe he found his way to win the race by hiding out, staying off the scrip, and letting the media finish the job.

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However, the visibility of his problems cannot be hidden since he is a man at the age of 78.
He cannot walk the stairs, and he misquoted America’s founding documents a couple of times….

Now, we are witnesses that he has blundered, including mixing up the names of nations.
In the end, we have a bizarre whispering cringe episode.

Not long ago, Biden even forgot about the crucial details from his trip that he returned from two weeks ago. It’s a scary situation.

Fox News shared that Biden was talking at a virtual fundraiser for the Dems National Committee on Monday. Then, he recalled those five-plus days that never occurred in his latest trip to meet worldwide leaders across Europe. Also, he attended G-7 and NATO summits.

“And I just got back, by the way, from Europe after being there for, I guess, 13 days,” Biden said.

“I don’t — I forget how many days,” he continued. “And I met for five days with the G-7 nations,”

“I also — and then there were four others that were there — India, Australia. And I won’t go through all the detail; it’d be too boring for you,” Biden claimed. “And then I went to a NATO meeting with all the — all the NATO representatives there and the heads of state. And then I went to meet with Putin,”

At least, Biden has to remember how long the journey was, even if he can’t remember some points and details.

Another example was one event in the EU when he remained silent for 28 seconds.

You know that the left would never admit that. Kamala Harris is counting on it, but the times will come when his situation will be apparent so that no one could hide it.

While Biden is acting so uninterested in everything, we are scared that he’s the person with the nuclear launch codes.

Source: TheTrueReporter

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