This is huge news coming out of Pennsylvania! A major compromise in the chain of integrity in precincts such as Fulton County has been identified.

The PA Department of State DECERTIFIED Fulton County’s voting machines!

In their effort to cover their tracks, election officials have essentially admitted that their voting machines were indeed tampered with but are trying to prevent them from being included in a forensic audit.

PA news site, WFMZ goes into detail on these developments.

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  • The Pennsylvania Department of State decertified Fulton County’s voting machines on Wednesday after officials there participated in a third-party audit.
  • The voluntary probe came at the request of Sen. Doug Mastriano, R-Gettysburg, who’s currently spearheading a larger effort to audit machines in Tioga, York and Philadelphia counties amid his ongoing campaign to ferret out fraudulent activity during the past two elections.

Thanks to politicians that are doing their duty in demanding accountability, we are seeing overwhelming evidence of election interference on a large scale.

It’s what conservatives have always known only now, it’s next to impossible for complicit election officials to keep it under wraps.

Secretary of State Veronica Degraffenreid went so far as to admit that their technology partners illegally accessed their Dominion voting machines at the beginning of 2021. I wonder what they were doing?

  • Acting Secretary of State Veronica Degraffenreid said Wednesday she has “no other choice” after Fulton County officials confirmed that Wake Technology Services Inc. accessed its Dominion voting machines earlier this year, violating the state’s chain of custody provisions and other “strict limitations” designed to prevent tampering.

What makes things even more suspicious is that Wake Technology had no business accessing the anti-tampering components in the first place.

In fact, these guys were given access to things such as the election database, system logs, and interestingly enough, the ability to file transfer data from USB drives.

This sounds awfully similar to what ‘election conspiracy theorists were saying as early as the day of the election.

  • These actions were taken in a manner that was not transparent or bipartisan,” she said. “As a result of the access granted to Wake TSI, Fulton County’s certified system has been compromised and neither Fulton County; the vendor, Dominion Voting Systems; nor the Department of State can verify that the impacted components of Fulton County’s leased voting system are safe to use in future elections.”

You can draw your own conclusion but it’s interesting that Wake Technology was also involved with the recount efforts in Maricopa County, where an audit revealed huge irregularities.

It’s safe to say that the Democrats in Pennsylvania are having a major meltdown regarding the statements released this week about their election integrity.

While decertification seems like a good thing. It only serves to prevent these machines from affecting future elections, not the one that just happened in November.

You see, Democrats are sneaky. By decertifying the corrupt election machines, Democrats are preventing them from being subject to a forensic audit that Republicans in the state are demanding.

  • Mastriano said in a news release last week that Degraffenreid lacked the authority to decertify counties’ machines. He said the Senate Intergovernmental Operations Committee, of which he is chairman, “will press forward in the pursuit of a forensic investigation.”
  • “What we are seeing is a convergence of scare tactics from Wolf Administration and the Attorney General to intimidate county officials and obstruct a forensic investigation,” he said.
  • “Governor Wolf and AG Shapiro are standing in the way of the constitutional authority of the General Assembly,” he added. “For people who once lectured the state about transparency and accountability, we all ask, what do they have to hide?”

Of course, Democrats are still trying to hide their actions. This is in the face of clear evidence, by their own admission that the voting machines were tampered with.

Continuing to indulge Donald Trump’s #BigLie could lead to more activity like what we saw on January 6th,” Senate Minority Leader Jay Costa, D-Pittsburgh

That’s a Pittsburgh mafia way of saying “keep quiet or I’ll really give you something to yell about.”

The fight over Pennsylvania is far from over. However, time is critical in order to prevent Democrats from trying to cover their tracks further.

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