Gretchen Whitmer was just blindsided by a judge, and now the real GAME begins…

Michigan’s tyrannical and inept governor just got hit with some of the worst news ever.

A court just ruled that the effort to recall Gretchen Whitmer can now move forward.

Gretchen has done everything she can to stop this from happening, but she ran into a brick wall, and now Big Gretch is about to get the Gavin Newsom treatment, and as someone who lives in this great state, I can tell you that a lot of us are very happy today.

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Bizpacreview is reporting that on Thursday, a Michigan court ruled that recall petitions against Gov. Gretchen Whitmer can proceed.

Whitmer attempted to squash the petitions when she argued that they did not “adequately describe the authorities cited as reasons for the recall.” Her counsel also argued that “she was only identified by name and title in the petition form where it called for it but [it] did not repeat the name and title within the wording of the reason for the recall.”

However, Judges Kathleen Jansen and Michael Gadola of the Michigan Court of Appeals will allow the petitions to proceed and specifically rejected the latter argument as “unpersuasive.” Their ruling indicates that the Board of State Canvassers “correctly” approved the petitions including one against Whitmer and one against Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist

Of course, Gretchen is planning to appeal the decision, and will try and drag this out, but looks as if she’s nearing the end of her rope.

Whitmer is now facing down a couple of juice scandals. One involving her “secret” trip to Florida when Michigan was dealing with a “COVID resurgence,” and another involving a photo of Whitmer that her friend accidentally posted on Facebook of Whitmer violating her own absurd COVID rules.

Gretchen is in hot water…and this couldn’t have happened to a more deserving communist witch.

I know I can’t wait to sign that petition, and I hope that a lot of my fellow Michigan patriots will join me.

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