Yesterday, I covered Clif High’s recent interview with Greg Hunter and how you can fight back and reclaim your health if you took the poison vax and now regret it!

If you want more on that, I’ve copied it below.

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But right now I want to cover a different part of the interview that was absolutely fascinating.

Keep in mind, Clif is a data guy.

He ran a key department of Microsoft in the 1990’s and he knows how to mine and analyze big chunks of data.  That’s his specialty.

And from that big data he has become very successful at predicting what is coming next in our world.

I write more about that below if you want examples.

But for right now, let’s talk about his latest data and how it affects President Trump and his return.

Greg Hunter asked Clif what his data is showing for Trump’s return and he had some really interesting comments.

First he says the data is showing with almost 100% certainty that Biden and the whole Biden Administration is OUT in 2021.  Almost no doubt to that.

But what comes next is what’s a little more open ended right now.

Clif’s data show’s three possibilities of how things may play out and he discusses each of those in the interview below.

Watch the interview here from Rumble (it comes towards the middle to end of the interview)

And if you want more from Clif on health and the vaccine, keep reading….


The two most frequently asked questions I get from readers are: (1) Why is President Trump pushing the vax?  And (2) what can I do if I already took it, am I doomed?

To answer #1, I published a post a couple days ago with some thoughts.

You can read that here:

Why Is President Trump Pushing The Vaccine? Some Thoughts From Praying Medic….

Now to deal with Question #2.

A brand new interview between Greg Hunter and Clif High gives some great direction.

First, let me make a disclaimer: I am not a doctor.  Greg Hunter is not a doctor.  And Clif High is not a doctor.

But for anyone who knows Clif, he tends to be right about a lot of things because he runs massive data gathering bots that have proven over the years to be highly accurate.

Here’s just one example: he said back in 2018 or so that eventually Bitcoin would rise to $64,000 and then stop.  He said it would be the “$64,000 dollar question” and then it would drop by about half it’s value before heading back up again to $100,000.

Keep in mind this was back when Bitcoin was something like $3,000 and no one thought it would ever go over $20,000.

Well….what just happened last month?

It did EXACTLY what Clif said.  It hit $64,000 and then stopped and then fell to $30,000.


That’s just one example, but I’ve seen many, many more from Clif.

So suffice it to say when “Uncle Clif” speaks about something, I tend to listen!

When he went on Greg Hunter’s show, Greg asked him if there’s anything people can do to recover their health if they took the C-19 vaccine….

Clif says yes, and the “prescription” is actually quite simple.

You need large doses of the right kind of Vitamin C, 10-15,000 IU’s of Vitamin D to maintain certain blood levels, and then he recommends C60.

Watch the interview here from Rumble (they discuss it in the first 10 minutes)

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