Conservative commentator Candace Owens is not one to shy away from controversy, even when the mainstream media is ignoring a story.

A diary allegedly belonging to Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley Biden was published by some conservative websites this week and, among its entries, were accusations of her being molested when she was younger and details about taking showers with her dad that she felt were “probably not appropriate.”

It is important to note that this information and the authenticity of the diary have not been corroborated, though the FBI has raided the offices and homes of Project Veritas journalists who reportedly had it.

But, true or not, does anyone not think if this was the alleged diary of Ivanka Trump it would not be the top story on every mainstream media news organization’s website?

First Rep. Lauren Boebert chimed in on the alleged diary.

“So if the FBI raided someone’s house over Ashley Biden’s diary being stolen, that means Ashley Biden’s diary and the accusations in it were real. Are there any real journalists willing to ask Joe about it?” she said.

But then Owens got in the act with her own question.

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“More importantly— Ashley Biden is the SECOND person in the Biden family that has made incestuous sexual allegations. Do not forget about Hunter’s laptop and the text messages about his niece. These are accounts DIRECTLY FROM the Biden family. Not conspiracies,” she said.

Source: ConservativeBrief

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