My friends this is not a repost of a story we shared earlier in the week.

For the second time in a week two unidentified fans were reportedly  kicked out of a Major League baseball game for holding a banner that read “Trump Won Save America”.

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Both cases took place in New York too.

The first time the banner was spotted was at Yankee Stadium and now the banner was spotted in New York yet again but this time it was at Met’s stadium.

Take a look:

The man who was reportedly behind the flag drop posted that he has received death threats:

He has also hinted Fenway park is next:

Just days before the banner was dropped at Met’s stadium the New York Post reported that the banner was displayed at Yankee stadium too:

Two men were escorted out of Yankee Stadium on Thursday — one of them apparently in handcuffs — after they hung a large pro-Donald Trump banner from the second deck.

Video and photos show two men unveiling a “Trump Won Save America” flag on the first-base side of the stadium, which prompted a Bronx cheer of boos from many in the crowd.

At one point, someone on the deck below jumps up, apparently trying to pull down the banner during the second game of a doubleheader between the Yankees and Blue Jays.

The two men appear to be struggling over the flag with a security guard in pictures taken by a photographer for The Post.

Censorship on the internet is not the only thing we have to worry about.

Our freedom of expression is under attack too.

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