This is an urgent prophetic message from Barry Wunsch, given on Elijah Streams earlier today.

If you don’t know Barry, you may not understand that he gets such a powerful move of the Holy Spirit when he is given these words that it causes him to shout out while he’s reading it.

Don’t be distracted by that.

This message is extremely urgent and I could feel the power coming through the computer screen.

Folks, do not be alarmed when you see these things happening…

It will look bad!

It will look like we are vastly outnumbered!

But God is saying through Barry that there are more who are with us than appear to be there!

All I can tell you is you need to listen to this right away and understand what is coming.

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46 has sold us out.

He has let Communist CCP agents into our government.

He has purposely done everything he can to weaken America so it can be taken over…

But he’s been used!

And God is personally going to make sure he does not succeed.


After he gives the first message, he then reads a second prophetic word he got back on January 6.

You could really view these as Part 1 and Part 2.

Stick around and listen for him to read the second word and you will see how they fit together.

Hang in there folks, it’s about to get very bumpy!

Source: WeLoveTrump

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