Arizona isn’t letting the DOJ beat up on Georgia – They just jumped in the fight with Biden’s DOJ

Biden’s DOJ is on a mission right now.

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They’re hell-bent on taking down any efforts to inspect what went on in the 2020 election.

It’s a very strange stance to take, given recent polling that shows a majority of Americans now believe that “cheating” was part of the 2020 election.

Doesn’t Biden – the great “unifier,” want to put Americans’ minds at ease? Doesn’t Biden want to help Americans feel better about our elections and restore confidence?

Wouldn’t a man who supposedly won the most historic victory in the history of the United States of America feel confident enough in his BIG WIN to allow the process to be checked thoroughly?

You’d think so, wouldn’t you?

But that doesn’t seem to be the case…instead, Biden’s DOJ is coming after voter integrity laws, the AZ audit, and trying to upend the securities and audits that Americans are demanding and deserve.

Merrick Garland, the would-be SCOTUS nominee, is now laser-focused on Georgia. Merrick and Biden are battling hard and heavy over the much-needed election reform, and as Garland and Biden go after GA, Arizona watched from the sidelines and decided it was time to jump into the fight and stand up for Georgia.

Daily Wire reported that Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich offered his assistance to his counterpart in Georgia in the state’s escalating battle with the Biden administration over election reforms.

Brnovich wrote a letter to Georgia Attorney General Christopher Carr on Friday offering to aid in Georgia’s legal fight against the Department of Justice (DOJ). The DOJ is suing Georgia over election reforms signed into law in March.

“As the Attorney General of Arizona, another state where the DOJ is attempting to intimidate local officials, please know that we stand with you in this fight and will do whatever we can to push back against this blatantly political and unmerited attack,” Brnovich wrote. He cited the DOJ’s interference in Arizona’s election audit of Maricopa County.

“The DOJ’s announcement today seems absurdly partisan, coming on the heels of S. 1, a defeated effort by Democrats to roll over the powers reserved for the states and nationalize our elections,” he continued, referring to the Democrats’ effort to federalize much of the election process. “The executive branch is now attempting to override the will of the legislature.”

“Today, the fight has come to Georgia. Tomorrow, it will be in Arizona, and if left unchallenged, the DOJ will intimidate other states in an attempt to undermine the Constitution and force submission to the relentless will of the current federal administration. We must not be deterred by these threats,” Brnovich said. “As state officials, we must all stand together to defend federalism and state sovereignty against federal overreach.”

We can’t allow these bullies to win.

Biden and his team know they can’t pull off another so-called “win” if there are proper checks and balances in place to keep our elections clean and fair, so they’re going to fight audits and reform with everything they’ve got – and we need to return fire if we have any hope of saving this country.

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