Where are they?

Also, I am not sure we just had an audit if 40% of the machines were never checked. If anything the fraud is on those machines.

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AZ Senator Wendy Rogers also pointed out something that we need to mention….

Dominion was invited to the audit, yet they never came.

This is a great counter argument to all of the people in the MSM crowing about how the machines used in the audit had to be discarded due to fear of tampering.

If the concerned parties were so afraid of tampering, why not just attend the audit?

Democrats could have attended the audit too, everyone in the media could have attended! Instead what we got was constant attacks, and when invites were extended—the cold shoulder.

Look at what AZ Senator Wendy Rogers had to say about it:

Just The News had more on the concern over machines audited by Cyber Ninjas:

“The voters of Maricopa County can rest assured, the county will never use equipment that could pose a risk to free and fair elections. The County recognizes Secretary Hobbs’ authority … to certify equipment for use in Arizona’s elections. As a result, the county will not use the subpoenaed equipment in any future elections,” the officials said Monday, according to Yahoo News.

The statement follows a May 20 letter to county attorney Allister Adel from Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs advising the machines be replaced.

Hobbs said she was worried the “security and integrity” of the machines were compromised in the audit conducted by the company Cyber Ninjas because it was “not certified to handle election equipment in the United States.”

NTD News added:

Meanwhile, if an audit reveals fraud, then there would be a referral to law enforcement authorities, Fann and other senators have previously said. And if fraud is revealed, according to her, they will focus on passing legislation to shore up any security flaws.

“If the audit illuminates that there’s [sic] vulnerabilities in X, Y, and Z parts of our election system, state legislatures can target those with a laser beam and fix X, Y, and Z parts of our election system,” Kolodin also said in the interview.

The Arizona state Senate turned over the Dominion machines to auditors to determine if any of the equipment was compromised, using a legislative subpoena issued in April to seize nine tabulating machines and 385 precinct tabulators. Dominion has categorically denied the allegations that their machines had any problems in Maricopa.

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