Another journalist who challenged the Democratic machine is dead of suspicious causes.

Christopher Sign, who broke the news of the secret 2016 tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch was found dead of “apparent” suicide.

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I found this story as a side note, most news outlets didn’t even mention it.

So why does it feel like Deja Vu?

According to the Daily Mail:

Christopher Sign, 45, was found dead in his home in Hoover, just outside Birmingham, on Saturday.

Police are investigating the father-of-three’s death as a suicide but have not released any further information.

Sign was the first to report on President Clinton’s meeting with Lynch back in 2016 on her private jet at Phoenix airport amid the ongoing investigation into whether Hillary Clinton‘s use of a private email server while Secretary of State was illegal.

Days after the meeting, the FBI chose not to bring criminal charges against Hillary.

Sign revealed in an interview with Fox News back in February last year that he and his family received death threats and his credit cards were hacked in the aftermath.


Just a coincidence.

Just like Michael Hastings. Anyone still remember him?

The fiery journalist who went after Democrats after he started becoming nervous about the Surveillance State was suspiciously killed in 2013 in a car accident.

An article in The New American covered the story in 2013:

Weeks after the fiery death of investigative journalist Michael Hastings (shown), who was probing abuses by the CIA and NSA and had recently informed others that he was being investigated by federal authorities, suspicions about his mysterious car crash are still swirling around the Internet. While police officially ruled the death an “accident,” serious questions are still surfacing — even in the establishment media and among prominent officials. Based on e-mails Hastings sent out shortly before he died about working on a “big story” and needing to go “off the radar,” it has become clear that he was worried, too.

Hastings, who wrote for Rolling Stone, BuzzFeed, Gawker, and other publications, was probably best known for his award-winning 2010 article “The Runaway General.” The piece helped bring down U.S. Gen. Stanley McChrystal, commander of American and NATO forces in Afghanistan. Despite his establishment credentials and what analysts called his “Democrat-friendly” reporting, Hastings had become extremely alarmed about the “surveillance state” and other troubling developments in recent months. His last published story: “Why Democrats Love To Spy On Americans.”

… Less than 24 hours before his death, Hastings made it crystal clear that he was concerned about his own well-being. In an e-mail sent to numerous contacts and his employer, for example, Hastings noted: “The Feds are interviewing my ‘close friends and associates.’” He also said that if authorities show up, it “may be wise to immediately request legal counsel before any conversations or interviews about our news-gathering practices or related journalism issues.” The subject line read: “FBI investigation re: NSA.” Perhaps most alarming of all, the e-mail concluded with this: “Also: I’m onto a big story, and need to go off the rada[r] for a bit.”

And then of course, there’s Andrew Breitbart who died suddenly of a “natural causes” at the unnatural age of 43, right before he was scheduled to release damning evidence about Barack Obama.

Two months later, Breitbart’s coroner was also found dead of suspicious causes.

According to the Daily Mail:

Just two months after conservative firebrand Andrew Breitbart died of a sudden heart attack, a Los Angeles coroner has died of suspicious circumstances.

Sources told the Los Angeles Times that Michael Cormier, 61, appears to have died of arsenic poisoning on April 20, the day the Los Angeles coroner’s office released their preliminary autopsy report on Mr Breitbart.

Conspiracy theorists and some of Mr Breitbart’s fans say that the timing, as well as the manner in which Mr Cormier died, makes compelling evidence of a sinister connection between the two men’s deaths.

Mr Breitbart died suddenly on March 1, just before he was slated to release ‘damning’ footage of President Obama.

According to the coroner’s report published on the day Mr Cormier died, a negligible amount of alcohol was found in Mr Breitbart’s system but there was no evidence of prescription or illicit drugs.

The provocateur, who was instrumental in taking down New York Congressman Anthony Weiner and the ACORN child sex trafficking scandal, died before he was able to release a video of Barack Obama hugging controversial race theorist and Harvard professor Derrick Bell.

One death sounds plausible, two may make you raise your eyebrows.

But when three young men die suddenly after going after the Democratic machine, it at least warrants another look.

Will the media cover it?

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